Cheese and Charcuterie . . . keep it simple, but special, for the holidays!

Thankfully, American charcuterie is catching up to American artisan cheeses in quality and quantity. Meat has become the love child of every chef determined not to waste a single cut, from jowl to tail! It's sexy, delicious, and becoming very, very American.

Cheese and charcuterie are also a natural combination. The aging and ripening process for many dry cured meats resembles some aspects of cheese fermentation, and as a pair, they make a truly dynamic duo. In a balance of contrast--fatty meats against the acidity of most cheese, especially fresh and ripened goat cheeses—the Italians have it down. But charcuterie is a French term, and as such, usually refers to cooked meats like pates. In the U.S. it's rapidly becoming a catchall  term....

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Judy SchadComment