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“Old Kentucky Tomme made me fall in love with goat cheese!”

For all those who are afraid of goat cheese, Old Kentucky Tomme is a game-changer. Buttery and rich with mild “cellar” and mushroom overtones, it falls somewhere between an American Jack and a Tomme du Savoie. When young, it has a smooth pate, and a rosy, tan rind. The rind becomes crusty and darker with age and the flavor develops a slight lipase "kick" at the finish, while the texture becomes more translucent and shiny like a traditional Fontina. Old Kentucky is sumptuous but not cloying, and is better by compliment rather than contrast.

In The New American Cheese, Laura Werlin points out that OKT is “especially noteworthy because of the depth of flavor.” At Capriole, we agree. This is not a cheese that hits you over the head and knocks you down, but it is one that unfolds like the pages of a good book. It is one of the first aged goat cheeses in the US and has stood the test of time and taste.