Ripened Collection

Ripened Collection


The cheeses of this collection remind us of the Loire Valley chevres we first fell in love with over 30 years ago. Aged from 5-10 days, all four of the cheeses in the collection start and end in the same place—with fresh, lactic goat curd, ripened under a sweet, geotrichum rind. What happens to them in between is the real magic of cheese. We change the shape or size, or weight, or aging time. We add vegetable ash to mellow the acidity of the curd, or spice for zingy smokiness. Voila! These are the true ladies of the goat cheese world! 

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The Ripened Collection includes:

Wabash Cannonball

Our first and smallest ripened chèvre, the Cannonball is a dense, lightly-aged sphere dusted with ash that develops a delicate, wrinkled rind. With a distinct, but pleasant tang, it's surprisingly more wonderful now as it was in 1995 when it was awarded an American Cheese Society Best-of-Show. (3 oz.)


A barquette-sized cheese, Sofia is beautifully marbled and coated with ash to mellow its fresh, milky curd. As it ripens under a wrinkly rind, it develops a velvety texture and offers delicate, slightly sweet flavors of cream and marshmallow. (7-8 oz.)

Piper's Pyramide

Creamy and dense with a dusting of smoked paprika under its wrinkled rind,  Piper is a hand-ladled, lactic curd chévre with a velvety texture. Named for the Schads’ first grandchild, it offers clean flavors of sweet butter tempered by a hit of savory spice. (Approx. 10oz.)


Capriole's newest ripened cheese, Flora, is a delicate, fluffy disc; sweet and slightly grassy when young. She wrinkles under her geotrichum rind to a perfect cream line and becomes denser—as we all do—as she ages. (6 oz.)

One Capriole cheese knife

Pairings:  This collection takes to sweet touches quite well—a drizzle of honey, a fig wedge or vanilla syrup, a sweet-tart compote. Enjoy with a crisp, white wine: Pouilly Fuisse, Sancerre, white Burgundy. As one cheesemonger suggests, "Pretend it’s a lazy, humid afternoon on a wrap-around porch.”

Ordering and Shipping Policy

Because of the perishability of our cheese we require a 10 day pre-order time so that your order arrives in optimum condition. For the same reason, we ship FedEx 2nd Day on Monday and Tuesday so that your cheeses arrive Wednesday or Thursday. Each cheese collection is packaged and shipped individually, and there is an individual $20 charge for each collection that you order.