Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection


Celebrate the holidays with three very different Capriole cheeses—from fresh, to soft and subtle, to hearty—and create a diverse and delicious cheese board. Paired with two lush, fruit preserves from Quince and Apple and a Capriole cheese knife this collection will create an impressive last course for yourself or a friend. Packaged in a wood cheese crate.

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One of the very first cheeses made at Capriole, O'Banon is dense and creamy with a texture like heavy silk and a flavor both fresh and complex. Wrapped in chestnut leaves that are marinated in Kentucky bourbon, this multiple award-winner is both gorgeous in flavor and presentation. (6oz.)


Capriole's newest ripened cheese, Flora, is delicate, fluffy, sweet, and slightly grassy when young. She wrinkles under her geotrichum rind to a perfect cream line and becomes denser--as we all do--as she ages. (6oz.)

Mont St. Francis

Earthy, beefy and big in flavor this 6-8 month cheese is carefully bathed in a salt brine and finished with a wash of Imperial Stout and sorghum. The result is a unique cheese--somewhere between soft and firm, with an intense, nutty flavor, smoky overtones, and pungent aroma (7-8oz.)


Quince and Apple’s Fig and Black Tea preserves. Full-bodied black tea and sweet, delicate figs combine in a thoroughly seductive preserve that pairs beautifully with the hearty Mont. (1.5 oz)

Quince and Apple Raspberry Rose preserves. Lush raspberries and floral rose add a sweet, tart touch to both O’Banon and Flora. (1.5 oz)

Pairings:  This collection makes a perfect dessert course. Serve with the last of the dinner wine. Add crostini or special nutty, sweet bread.

Ordering and Shipping Policy

Because of the perishability of our cheese we require a 10 day pre-order time so that your order arrives in optimum condition. For the same reason, we ship FedEx 2nd Day on Monday and Tuesday so that your cheeses arrive Wednesday or Thursday. Each cheese collection is packaged and shipped individually, and there is an individual $20 charge for each collection that you order.