Surface Ripened Cheeses

Similar to the chevres found in French farm markets. After being shaped or un-molded, the fresh curd is dried slightly & then enters the cave where the cheeses form a wrinkly, white rind like their European cousins.They should not be plastic wrapped. ALL ITEMS ARE SHIPPED TO ARRIVE WITHIN 2 DAYS. SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED.

Product List
Size Approximately 1 lb. (2 each per order)
Price $85.00
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 Sofia is everything I want in a goat cheese. Handladled into 1lb. barquette molds and marbled with ash, it's texture is fine and silky in the mouth, becoming denser and more velvety with age. It ripens under a light, wrinkly geotrichum rind, delicate and slightly sweet, and so is never mushroomy , overpowering, or soapy like the heavy penicillium rinds on a Brie.   

Pairings: Like the Pyramide and Wabash, I consider this best after a meal paired with honeyed berries, slightly acidic preserves, or a drop or two of really old balsalmico.  Pairs well: when young, with crisp, light wines and sparkling wines or rose.  When older, riper, denser, it's grand on a summer evening with sweet whites like sauternes or moscatos.