Surface Ripened Cheeses

Similar to the chevres found in French farm markets. After being shaped or un-molded, the fresh curd is dried slightly & then enters the cave where the cheeses form a wrinkly, white rind like their European cousins.They should not be plastic wrapped. ALL ITEMS ARE SHIPPED TO ARRIVE WITHIN 2 DAYS. SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED.

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Wabash Cannonball
Wabash Cannonball
Size Approximately 4oz (4 each per order)
Price $75.00
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1995 Best-of-Show, American Cheese Society.  Yes, this 3oz. boulet of creamy goodness has been around since 1992 and is still one of the best loved of America's ripened goat cheeses.  Max McCalman in his book The Cheese Plate has a photo of this little chevre next to the Chapter title, "What is Cheese?"  Dusted with ash this little chevre is thin skinned, white, and slightly wrinkled when new.  At 3 weeks the geotrichum rind becomes more deeply wrinkled and the ash begins to appear through the rind.  The pate becomes denser, and eventually, at 3-5 weeks,  is drier and more crumbly.  Great in all its stages, this is perennially a favorite.  10 day pre-order.

Pairings: Cannonballs are best on a cheeseboard, served with a chilled Sauterne or sweet Moscato as, or before, dessert. Wonderful with figs--a variation is to place a ¼ wedge in a fig.  Drizzle with a light simple syrup infused with vanilla bean & lavender, rosemary, or lemon verbena.